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There’s something about this site that just feels raw, and I don’t just mean the ass fucking sans condom, even though there’s tons of that as well! What I’m talking about, is that this site feels gritty, it feels real, and it’s fucking sexy as hell.

The videos are shot to look fairly amateurish, even though some of them feature popular porn stars. There are lots of new faces as well. But the way they are shot helps to make it feel all the more spontaneous and real. There is also excellent chemistry with the men here, and you can tell they all are having a great time. This is evidenced by the gallons of cum spilled in these productions!

There are also a great mix of guys here. Everything from burly skin head types, muscle bound jocks, cute twinks, pretty much a little something for everyone.

I don’t think I can really do it justice, it would be so much better if you check it out for yourself. And because they are sure you’ll love it, they’re even offering 50% off Dudes Raw here!

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