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Watching men cum is one of my favorite ways to kill time. As much as I enjoy videos of hardcore gay sex though, it’s the masturbation videos that have really been working well for me lately. When it’s a bunch of wild fucking, there is so much to look at and so many details to try to catch. When it is just one guy stroking, things feel more focused and I can really hone in on the moment.

I enjoy watching the way the body reacts to masturbation. I have watched a lot of scenes with amateurs and str8 men that look pretty uncomfortable being on camera at first, but once that stroke starts and the feeling takes hold, they let go and give themselves to the moment. I watch the way their skin changes. I see the color rushing, the veins throbbing, the muscles clenching, the eyes narrowing, the stroke speed increase, and then comes the glorious release. Jizz spurts out and the body starts relaxing, the color starts going back to normal, muscles unclench, another little spurt or two, and then it’s done. How could anything be hotter than that?

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